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Foto Seksi Angel Lelga Telanjang

This is a sexy photo Angel Lelga or Foto Seksi Angel Lelga. Sexy Model Indonesia has the name Lely Anggraeni. Lely anggraeni better known as Angel Lelga or Angeliq, born in Surakarta, January 1, 1981, age 29 years. Beautiful and sexy woman is a singer,Pemain Sinetron Indonesia. It is a mixture of Manado and Chinese descent. With a beautiful body shape, Angel Lelga has many fans. As in the This Payudarah Wanita, Sexy and Beautiful Women has Payudarah Seksi and Payudara Bulat.

Foto Memek Angel Lelga

In 2007 Angel plans to issue a solo album, while Pongky (Elvis Presley) to supply songs for it. Singles mainstay titled "Love Without Institute" has been selected. According to Angel, the song is an outpouring of his heart.

Marriage with the Rhoma Irama

Angel Name Lelga begin the subject of conversation when he was rumored to marry siri with pedangdut Rhoma Irama. Rhoma and Angel Lelga met while starring in soap operas "Ibnu Sabil". The news finally dikonfimasi truth by Rhoma and at the same time announcing their divorce.

Foto Seksi Angel Lelga
Foto Seksi Arti Indonesia Angel Lelga

Marriage with Safe Jagau

Two years have passed since the case of marriage with the Rhoma sirinya, Angel Lelga again rocked by rumors about her marriage to businessman Martapura coal from South Kalimantan, Abdul Rahman Widi or better known as Safe Jagau, who was none other than her husband also Cahyati dangdut singer's granddaughter. The case had long tails because of the mutual demands between legitimate wife and at the same time the first wife Jagau Safe, Rina Rahmasari, who demanded Safe Jagau, grandson Cahyati, and Angel Lelga with article adultery. Then Aman also demanded Angel related to allegations of fraud and embezzlement of Rp 150 million, which is given to the Angel Safe. Until May 2007, the case is still handled by the police.

Gambar Puting Payudara Bulat Kencang
Foto Angel Lelga Hot

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Foto Seksi Farah Quinn Telanjang

Foto Seksi Farah Quinn collection of sexy photos and also Foto Hot Farah Quinn. Farah Quinn is a beautiful woman who becomes a cook. Besides a good cook, Farah Quinn is also a beautiful model. This is a Foto Seksi Farah Quinn. This beautiful woman, has a beautiful skin color, such as skin color women asia. Farah Quinn's body was also very beautiful and sexy. So Farah Quinn known as hot and sexy Girl Also Celebrity. The most interesting part of the severe Quinn is the beauty of his face, and also the form of Payudara Farah Quinn. Perhaps in addition to the photographs of this section, you want to find Farah Quinn Telanjang. and want to see bentuk Payudara Bulat Farah Quinn. Now Farah Quinn is also a model of FHM magazine.

Foto Seksi Farah Quinn
Payudara Farah Quinn

Puting Payudara Farah Quinn
Foto Seksi Farah Quinn

Farah Quinn Telanjang
Farah Quinn FHM

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Gadis Cantik Perawan Bugil

Gadis Cantik is a dream of men, to be loved and taken as wives. But in choosing a woman there are some things to keep in mind, maybe she is Gadis Perawan or not Perawan. Gadis Perawan is a beautiful woman who has a beautiful body with all the stunning body shape. Like Payudara Besar and Pantat Besar, and skin soft and smooth and tight. Usually Gadis who come from rural Indonesian are women who still have the blood of virginity and the lining of the vagina or Hymen. This photograph is a photograph of Perawan Bugil or Gadis Cantik Perawan Bugil.

Perawan Bugil

Selasa, 24 November 2009

Aura Kasih

Beautiful Indonesian Celebrity and Sexy Model. Photo Celebrity, Sexy Photo, Sexy Girl and Bautiful girl. Foto Artis, Artis Cantik, Model Cantik, Bintang Sinetron, Artis Sinetron.

BIODATA of Top indonesian sexy singer AURA kasih and Indonesian Actress and Celebrity
Name : Aura Syahrani
Nick name : Aura Kasih
Birth day : 26 Februari 1988
Birth Place : Bandung
height : 171 cm
Weight :50 kg

farther : Jajad Sugiyatna
morther : Laela
School : Akademi Sekretaris Aryanti, Bandung
Music Favourite : Reggae
sports Favourite: swim , eat, sleep, design clothes
Aura Kasih started his career as Finalist Miss Indonesia 2007 from lampung.
Syahrini her daily name,aura kasih debut album is “malaikat penggoda” with her single hits is " Mari bercinta ". this song popular with single dance hall.she has dream to sing with Duran-Duran and collaboration with Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash)
just 1 year her name very popular in indonesia cuase her beautiful face and sexy body.

Sexy indonesian Celebrity

Foto Hot Aura Kasih
Hot Girl

Artis Aura Kasih seksiSexy Girl

aura kasih sexy celebrity

Foto Aura Kasih

Minggu, 22 November 2009

Agnes Monica

Foto Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica (born Agnes Monica Muljoto on July 1, 1986) is an Indonesian pop singer, dancer, actress, songwriter, and producer. Her first teen album "..And the Story Goes" (2003) made her popular as a teenage singer.[1] It sold 30.000 copies only in 3 days. It was a big success in Indonesia with the singles "Bilang Saja", "Jera" and "Cinta Mati". This album made her received a high result in sales and get double platinum. Then she released her second album "Whaddup A.. '?!" (2005). Her second album was also a success, with a hit single, "Tak Ada Logika". It sold 50,000 copies in 10 days. After a week, it went to triple platinum (with no album promotion in Malaysia). Her third album was "Sacredly Agnezious" (2009), with her hit single, Teruskanlah.[2] but the album that produced her biggest hit to date, "Matahariku".

Payudara Agnes Monica

Her success has brought her fame not only in her homeland, Indonesia, but also in neighboring Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines and in the Netherlands. Her performance at the 2008 Asia Song Festival in Seoul, Korea, led to fame in Taiwan, Korea, China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. She is the only singer in Indonesia who has own dance group called, Nezindahood, which always come along whenever Agnes performs.[3] In 2009, she began planning to launch an international career, and started Mandarin lessons. One result of this was her role in two Taiwanese drama series, "Romance in the White House" with Peter Ho, and "The Hospital" with Jerry Yan.

Artis Seksi

She got injured at her ankle but Agnes Monica 'll keep going to perform at 2009 Asia Song Festival korea, She'll be singing Agnes Monica 's New Song at 2009 Asia Song Festival, the title is "TEMPERATURE", never hear this song before =D but i think this is a beat song, and different from last Year, this year Agnes Monica 'll be singing three songs, and from what i saw at Infotainment , might be Agnes Monica 'll be singing Tak Ada Logika remix (no Logic remix), and off course "TEMPERATURE" and the other hopefully its a slow song, so we can hear her powerfull voice = D , Good Luck Nez, but please take care your health =)

Selasa, 17 November 2009

Nikita Willy

She is a Beautiful girl and Beauty Women and Actress from Indonesian. Sexy Photo and Hot Photo also Gallery Photo Nikita Willy Young Actress Popular Indonesian.

Foto Seksi Nikita Willy
Foto Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy is a young acting star of Indonesia, who has starred in several advertisements, soap operas and feature films. She began publicly known for her role in a soap opera with actors ROMAN PICISAN from Papua, Evan Sanders.
Women born in Jakarta, June 29, 1994 is starting a career since the age of seven through BULAN BINTANG soap opera. Followed soap operas such as ROMAN PICISAN, SI CECEP.
While the advertising model, she has become a model for the candy ads Milton, Citra Body Lotion, Pigeon cosmetics, food Choki-Choki, detergent Total, Holland Bakery, Bank BNI, Bank BII and Roma chocolate wafers.
BESTFRIENDS movie star players? have the opportunity to play early stripping sinetron 2009, NIKITA. Soap operas directed by Maruli Ara and Gita Asmara, she must be acting with the actors against Dude Harlino.
She again used as the main actor in the soap opera stripping latest in September 2009, SAFA Dann MARWAH. Here, he again had to play as a character much older than actual age.

koleksi foto-foto cantik dan seksi serta wallpaper Nikita Willy. Seorang Artis ABG, bintang sinetron, model iklan Indonesia. Nikita Willy Hot Foto. Nikita Willy Wallpaper. Nikita Willy 3gp. Nikita Willy Hot Video.

Nikita Willy is a young indonesian artist and she will be the next super star and Hot sexy indonesia celebrity. Nikita Willy is a young star on Indonesia, which has a number of ad headline, patron and feature films. Nikita Willy known to the public starting role when the patron in the ROMAN PICISAN with the original actors Papua, Evan Sanders.
Now you can't to get Nikita Willy "Foto telanjang" or Nikita Willy "Foto Bugil" but how we canfind that pictures... waiting on this blog and i will post Nikita Willy Foto telanjang Indonesia The next Sexy Hot Indonesian Celebrity.